Step By Step Vertical Frames






Step 1

Winter Storage

One 10' length 1/2" steel

Cut in half with pipe cutter

Assemble elbows

Slip vertical frame off

electrical conduit

or the store may cut for you

to top

ground rods and hang on

frame or garage wall


Step 2

One 4' length 1/2"

Cut or buy 4' long from

Measure location for

Mark and protect ground

steel electrical conduit

10-foot piece

ground rods

rod with brightly colored

tape or paint

Ground Rods

Step 3

Two 24" long V2"

Nothing to do

Hammer ground rods

reinforcing bar

halfway into ground


Step 4

Two 90° elbows

Nothing to do

Slip pipe legs over

ground rods


Step 5

Nylon trellis netting 7"x7"

Cut outside netting squares

Assemble top to legs

Openings 4' wide and 5' tall

to create long tie strings

Step 6

Tie netting tight to top

and legs

Picture Foot Gardening Vertical

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