Starting Seeds and Growing Seedlings

There are plenty of advantages to growing your own transplants and storing seeds. First, seeds cost pennies, while transplants cost dollars. There are many more varieties offered in seed catalogs than as transplants at the nurseries. The only setback is time because growing your own transplants depends on the time and work you can spare. If you're a brand new gardener, however, you may want to wait until next year to start your own transplants. Like everything else in life, we tend to go overboard and do too much and then it becomes a chore. Don't let it happen to you!

Storage of Seeds

If your seeds are stored properly, they will last for many years. Contrary to what the gardening industry would like you to believe, it is not necessary to buy seeds every year or to pour out that whole packet of seeds all at once. SFG teaches you to plant just a pinch of seeds. Then

Although it's a great idea to start your own transplants from seed, this is an example of what not to do. Its not necessary to sow so much when you practice the SFG method.

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