Safety Precautions

If your crops are growing thickly and have covered the 4-foot-wide frames, you might want to play it safe and put guy wires on the vertical frame when you get near the end of the season. This requires tying something like fishing line or strong cord from the top bar down to the south side of the box. For the north side, you could always prop the top up with a 1 x 2-foot board cut out a little to fit into the top bar. That would hold the frame up from both directions.

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You have to use your own judgment, but after you get accustomed to bending plants, you'll get used to their resilience. You'll know how far they can bend and when not to push them. Remember, though, if you're bending a plant near the top or in through the netting, the end is very supple and easy to maneuver. However, if you're trying to bend the stem closer to where it's planted, the vine will be hard and fairly rigid. So, if you have to bend it there, you might stuff something under it like an old wadded-up tee shirt. In a few days, you can retrieve the shirt after the stem has taken the new shape.

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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