Pests and Plant Problems

The only way to intelligently answer the questions we get about pests and plant problems requires knowing the weather, growing conditions, history, and present gardening condition in an area. If the question came from my county, I'd give a great answer. But when it comes from across the country or anywhere in the world, its difficult to give an accurate answer.

County Extension Agents

There is a good solution. Some of our tax dollars go to train and maintain a staff of horticultural experts in every county in the country —the county extension service agents. In addition, the county extension agents train another group of neighborhood volunteers called "Master Gardeners," who then go out in the community helping others by answering their questions. It is a great service, and we often refer questions to the agents and their staff. If your question is about pests or problems or even the best varieties to grow in your area, you couldn't find a more informative source. To find your local extension agent, look in your phone book in the Government blue pages, find your county, and then look for the heading "Extension of (your state) University," don't look under "Agriculture."

The only problem I have with the county agents is that most of them are trained in our agricultural colleges, which still teach single-row farming and hand-me-down gardening. So, they are not the best source for answers to SFG questions. You'll have to come to us for those questions.

To summarize pests and problems, try not to worry about them. Enjoy your garden. If one square gets devastated, pull it up and replant it with something else. If you didn't use the protective structures of Chapter 4, try them out next season to help eliminate your problems.

I've lived my life doing the backbreaking work of single row gardening—this is so much better!"

Gina from Kentucky

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