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SQUARE IS GOOD Here's a no-cost easy way to make your composter out of wood-that means free. Women tell me they love this because it requires no tools, wire cutting, equipment, or familiarity with construction. Find some wood pallets and bring four of similar size and appearance home. You can find discarded pallets everywhere. Ask first, just to make sure they are being thrown out. The place to find them is behind the stores and shops where the dumpsters are. If all four are about the same size and look, your finished composter will look like it's custom made just for you. A brick or stone under each corner helps keep the wood off the ground to keep it from rotting; corners are tied with rope, cord, or chain. It doesn't have to be nailed or screwed together, and it doesn't have to be real tight. You may want to have the pallet boards face outside to look nice, and you can make them all run either horizontally or vertically-whatever looks best.

Weekly Bins

Just like the wire enclosures, you can have one, two, or up to six bins all together for Monday through Saturday. (Don't forget we rest on Sunday!) When and why would you need more than one? When you get serious about composting, you may be able to get enough material to fill up one every week. Then, for mixing (as explained in Chapter 5), you just move material from a full bin into an empty one right next to it. The nice thing about a series is you only need three pallets for each additional bin.

I could include directions for other materials

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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