No Yard

Sometimes a property may have limited space for a garden. If you're in a no-property situation, think creatively and closer to your front or back door. For instance, patios, decks, and balconies always have room for a small garden. A corner of a patio or balcony could contain several 2X2-foot boxes. These could be stacked up creatively at different heights to form a very attractive corner garden that would use less space than a 4 X4-foot area. The boxes could be placed on low tables of different heights or on something like milk crates or cinder blocks in order to give each one a different height. If you install a vertical frame with netting along both walls or just tack the netting to the walls, it could fan out so it gets larger as it gets higher to expand the garden area even larger. Another option, of course, is at the base of and even on top of a balcony or deck railing. You could install 6- to 12-inch wide boxes on the floor or bolted to the top of or hanging from the railing on both sides. This would create almost a wall of gardens ending up in quite a few available square feet.

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