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This is a partial list of just some of the knowledge you had to learn about backyard soils in the past. But not now! Forget about every one of them. Why? Because Square Foot Gardening is now so simple you don t have to learn all the intricate details of soil structure, texture, and drainage. You don t even have to know what pH means, how to pronounce it, or which letter is a capital and which is lower case (or why people are always getting that mixed up). Why, you may ask? Because I've designed our perfect soil mix with the correct pH level (acid or alkaline) for just about all plants.

For those of you who crave more information, a good, blended, balanced compost—one of the ingredients in Mels Mix and what you will add to your boxes after you harvest—made from at least five different ingredients will not only have a pH close to neutral, but it also balances the acidity in peat moss. In addition, since we don't use your existing soil (remember we only need 6 inches of pure Mel's Mix), you won t be concerned with what type of soil it is or what the pH is. You wont have to buy a pH soil test kit or take samples to your county extension agent. You wont have to learn that eastern U.S.A. soils are slightly acidic while western soils are more alkaline, and you won t have to learn what to add, how much, and when. You won't have to buy a spreader or any of that stuff.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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