No Digging

Using Mel's Mix completely eliminates all the hard work of digging and moving existing soil. A 4X4X 12-inch-deep area contains 16 cubic feet of soil that weighs well over 400 pounds. That's a lot of soil to dig up and move around. All gardening in the past has been based upon improving your existing soil. My original book had rather complicated instructions for your soil, but we've changed all that. Don t even be concerned about it. You don't have to know anything about soils. Just start with a perfect growing soil—Mel's Mix of 73 compost, 73 peat moss, and 73 vermiculite.

SIMPLE FORMULA Vj Blended Compost 73 Peat Moss V3 Coarse Vermiculite

Three ingredients make up Mel's Mix: Peat moss, vermiculite, and blended compost. Combined properly, Mel's Mix retains moisture, drains perfectly,; and has all the nutrients and trace minerals a plant could ever want.

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Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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