Moving Plants

A SFG garden is small, and I've been able to change things around once they were all planted. It doesivt take much to move and replant something from one square to another if you think it would look better somewhere else. It's kind of like arranging a room of furniture and pictures on a wall. You can make all kinds of layouts and drawings even to scale, but I guarantee you once everything is in place, you'll change your mind.


WHICH SPROUTS FIRST Which part of a seed sprouts first? Is it the top stem with its leaves? A fun children's book would have the tops popping out of the ground-looking around and if it likes what it sees and wants to stay, calling down to the root and saying, "Anchor me in." But that's a fairy tale.

For all seeds, the root sprouts first and goes down. How does it know to go down? Gravity! After the root gets started and secured with little feeder roots so it can start taking up moisture and nutrients, it calls up to the top and yells "all clear below" then the top sprouts and goes straight up against gravity. It is not because of darkness or light or any other reason-strictly gravity, and the all-clear signal, of course.

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