Make Boxes Extra Deep

Making boxes that are extra deep mean they are extra dramatic. I know I've told you that 6 inches of Mels Mix is enough for all plants, but your garden becomes more dramatic when the container is extra tall. If you decide to build your box taller, just use 8-, 10-, or 12-inch lumber instead of the normal 6 inches. The only drawback is cost. But no matter—you're after a dramatic, spectacular look now. Since the plants don't need more than 6 inches of Mel's Mix, don't spend your money on filling the entire depth with Mel's Mix. Use sand, (cheap and available at any home improvement center) on the bottom layer. "I'll just use my existing yard soil," someone says uand save even more money." Don't! Most soils don't drain well and have weed seeds. Remember weeds? We don't have them anymore in SFG, so if you're going to multiple layers for your garden boxes, fill any space below 6 inches with just ordinary sand.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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