Like A Sponge

Through many experiments, I came up with the very best ingredients for that perfect growing soil. Of course, I made sure they were all inexpensive, readily available, and able to hold just the right amount of moisture for plants while not becoming too soggy for roots, which might drown your plants. I created a formula that holds moisture yet drains well.

At first this seemed like an impossible task, but then I thought about sponges. When you take a dry sponge and slowly add water to it, it just keeps soaking up water until its finally saturated. At that point, any extra water just drains out the bottom. Well, it turns out that two of our ingredients—peat moss and vermiculite—do exactly that same thing. It takes a while to wet them and keep them moist so you have to keep adding water, but finally, when they become saturated, any excess water just drains right out the bottom. Peat moss and vermiculite are sold at garden nurseries, home improvement centers, and even some grocery stores.


Peat Moss


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The Backbone of the Square Foot Gardening Method

An assortment oj composts is shown here. You '// need at least 5 différent types of compost for Mel's Mix.

Buying peat moss in 2.2 cubic foot bales (or larger) is the most cost effective. The same goes for vermiculite.

Make a neat cut in the top of your bags. This way, when youve finished making your own MeTs Mixy you can reuse the packages to store any lefiover mix.


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