If You Decide to Buy Compost

Don t buy all of one kind of compost if you decide to not make it yourself. Dont let the clerk sell you the "best and most popular," especially if its loose and not bagged. Heres why. All commercial compost is a byproduct from one industry. It might be the wood, cattle, mushroom, cannery, cotton, or soybean industry that has a waste product and they have to get rid of it. They said, u What if we take our waste product (sawdust, manure, vines, pulp, or husks) and compost it, people will pay us and take it away/' Everyone laughed but, by golly, it happened just that way. Now every industry with a waste product is finding ways to get rid of it at a profit all the while protecting the environment. What a good deal. The only setback for gardeners is most bags of compost come from a single product and have only one ingredient.

Whats the solution? Buy a variety of composts and mix them together. Now, you are more likely to get a better mixture.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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