Why Should You Grow Vertically?

It's spectacular. ■ It saves space. You grow better crops. It adds a third dimension to your SFG.

It costs less then you could imagine! It lasts for years.

How Do You Grow Vertically? Build a super strong steel frame, Attach nylon netting.

Where Do You Grow Vertically? Along the north edge of your


Next to any fence or building wall.

When Do You Grow Vertically? Anytime before vine crops start sprawling.

beans (a no-brainer), then cucumbers and peas. Then even winter and summer squash. They all worked and grew well, and they looked just great growing on a vertical frame. And I was so pleased with the results of growing vine crops this new way that I said, "This is a good thing," and included the method in my first book on SFG.

But since then—Wow! You should see the vertical gardens now. The pumpkins, all kinds of melons (including the new smaller watermelons), and all of the really big squashes grow 7 feet in the air.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening

A few years ago at our display gardens in Utah, we were growing 35-pound pumpkins 7 feet in the air. We made the vertical frames 8 feet above the ground for no other reason than we wanted to show off and demonstrate how tall they can be! Now this was a spectacular sight, and many people have wanted to know how they could accomplish this same feat in their own backyard.

We usually refer to vertical gardening as "Advanced SFG." But, really, as soon as you master the basics of Square Foot Gardening, you can enjoy growing crops vertically. And you will be the envy of the neighborhood when you do.

Growing vertically not only saves space but it also adds another dimension of beauty to your garden.

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