Grids and Materials

Grids are a must. Every box should have its own permanent and prominent grid. I'm so adamant about having a grid on every box I tell people that if your SFG doesn't have a grid, it is not a Square Foot Garden. But with a grid, it's an attractive, unusual, and unique garden. It tells the story of SFG in one glance. In addition it has many unseen benefits, so stick with mc on this one and build a grid for all of your boxes.

Square Foot Gardening Grid

I used to search home improvement centers for wood or plastic molding, or strips of any type of material that was straight. But they were expensive. Then I found two materials that are just perfect and cheap.

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  • Ulderico
    What material is required for the grid on a square foot garden?
    28 days ago
  • bellisima
    What material to use for square foot gardening grids?
    26 days ago

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