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If you are really into this, you can brainstorm to think of places that throw out organic or plant material. Like a bird shop and all those bird droppings that go on the bottom of the cage. And, how about the annual fire department community breakfast—fresh fruit, banana and orange peels maybe, but also how about eggshells? Just ask ahead—take boxes or bags and ask them to separate the trash* Or, how about the annual 4th of July watermelon picnic in town? There are all kinds of places where you can collect ingredients for your compost pile. And, you know, the nice thing is that you'll find the same situation the world over.

When I'm visiting foreign countries, my hosts say, "We are poor here, and we have nothing to compost." I take them on a tour and find all of these places have things that could be composted. It's

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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