When creating deck gardens in an apartment or condominium, be sure to consider the people below you and how you're going to water. Your garden may not be a problem when it rains, but when it is sunny and bright and your garden water drips down on the neighbors while they are at their barbeque below, they may not look favorably upon you or your garden.

There are several things you can do about this situation. First of all, since Mel's Mix holds water so well, its highly unlikely you will overwater, which will prevent a lot of dripping or excess water leakage. But just in case, you can always choose not to drill drain holes at consistent intervals over the entire bottom of your SFG, but only a couple in one corner. Then, slightly slope the box towards this one corner and put a decorative vase or other container underneath to catch any drips that may leak out.

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positive thing youre doing, helping people around the world to grow their own food\

—Regan from the USA

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