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You don't have to be a landscape architect to measure and draw up what you imagine. The design is just as important as the size. You're going to be spending a lot of your time in your SFG—not working or weeding, but just enjoying and relaxing. Be sure to make room for some chairs, a bench, a water fountain, or a bird bath. One of the advantages of a Square Foot Garden is that you have options in how you put it together so that its perfect for you.

Seeing a picture is so helpful. If you want to see what others have done in their yard with Square Foot Gardening, go to and click on ''Neighborhood Gardens." I'm also including some more designs and sketches here that I made while writing this book. One of them became the cover of this book. You could copy it if you want. I won't mind; in fact, I would be flattered. Then you could show people your garden and say, "Guess what? They put my garden on the cover of this book!" Everyone likes to see what others have done, so take the garden tour and see which one you like the best. And then let your imagination help you create the Square Foot Garden that is perfect for you.

Square Foot Garden Ideas

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