All New Square Foot Gardening

least 4 feet wide. Cut off the strings and lay out the strips. Trim the ends with a pair of scissors so they fit your box, drill holes at the half and quarter points, and attach them together with some sort of screw, nail, or snap-fastener. The one problem I've found with blinds is their weight. When you first start your garden in the spring, it's usually windy. Sometimes the blinds blow around a little just because the garden is empty and they have no protection from the wind. One solution is to attach them to the soil with a long galvanized nail at every 12-inch intersection. This helps hold them down so they don t blow away.

Wood Lath

The second inexpensive material is wood lath, which is sold in home improvement centers. Believe it or not, they already come 4 feet long with square ends. Sometimes they're a little crooked, filled with knots, or break easily, so sort through them. But they're very, very inexpensive—less than a quarter each. Once you lay them out and drill holes at the 12-inch intersections, they're very easy to

Drill a bole through both pieces of wood at each grid intersection.

Building Boxes and Structures

Drill a hole through the end of the center grids and add 4 deck screws.

Next, insert some kind of hardware to loosely hold the grid together.

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