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This vertical garden has bean and tomato plants. They are planted with sage and squash. Think of the harvest!

Bartholomew Landscaping

protect this plant from the first frost (and everyone does), the vertical frame is designed so all you have to do is gently lay a tarp or blanket over it. Next morning take it off, fold it up, and you're ready until the next threat of frost. This way you can keep your tomato plants growing and producing for several more weeks.

Pruning Cucumbers, Melons, and More

The other vine crops can have their side branches continue to grow until the whole plant takes up too much space. In general you want the plant to spread out to be approximately 1 to 2 feet wide on the vertical frame netting. If you plant one plant per square foot, it can fill that 12-foot wide square, going right up the netting. If the spacing for that particular vegetable (for example, cucumbers that are spaced 2 per square foot), you would trim the side branches back so that each one is from 6 to 9 inches wide outside of its space. Squash is a little different because the leaves are so large that its hard to judge where the stem is and how much room the entire plant is taking. That's why we give squash a lot more room (2 square feet per plant) in the vertical garden. Although most squash plants will grow on one central stalk, some do branch. Those with branches take longer to have fruit, so if you cut them off all the energy will go to the main branch and the flowers and fruit on that main branch. You can simply let it hang down until it gets near the bottom, then put it through the netting and turn it up and start going up all over again.

All the vining plants are very vigorous, energetic, and sturdy, so there's not much you can do to deter their growth. But whenever you're bending a stem to poke it through the netting or over the top, hold it with two hands and be careful so it doesn't break.

Vertical Gardening

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