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Keep in mind that we harvest many of the crops continuously, if possible. For example, a leaf lettuce is not allowed to wait until it forms a large, mature head, but with a pair of scissors and a salad bowl you can continuously trim the leaves from such things as lettuce, chives, beets, Swiss chard, spinach, parsley, and even onion tops. As long as you don t take too much at one time, the plant will easily survive and thrive. Filling your salad bowl each day should not diminish the garden in any way. In fact, right after you harvest you'll find it hard to notice where you got everything and if anything is missing.

You've Learned the Basics

You've now learned all the basics of Square Foot Gardening. You've learned how it got its nameā€”from the squares of one, two, three, four. You have also learned how many and what kind of plants fit into a square foot by memorizing, calculating, or by looking it up on the chart. You've learned how to zip zap in the soil to get the proper and exact spacing then start planting your seeds and transplants. Are we having any fun yet? Next chapter we're going to discuss how to maintain and harvest your SFG.

Okay, now it's time to go out to your garden and do something outrageous that will amaze or dumbfound any neighbor who might be watching you. Do you know how to do a rain dance or a flower fertility inspection?

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