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are various holders sold at home improvement stores that snap onto your railings and can accommodate standard-sized boxes. These boxes can hang over the outside or inside of your railing, depending on your preference. )ne advantage of having the box hang over the outside edge is the box won't take up any of your valuable deck space. In addition, should it drip when you're watering, the water will bypass the deck below. There is one safety concern and that is anything falling. If your box is on the inside of the railing, it doesn't have far to fall and won t hurt anyone.


One of the greatest bonds that I have found between grandparents and grandchildren is formed during a gardening project, even if the visit is short. Give your grandchild a garden or just a square, let him write his name on the grid, encourage her to plant her garden, and you may find your grandchildren will keep in touch more often just to find out how the garden is growing. This, of course, can work ust the opposite way when the grandparent visits the child's home and they plant a garden there. And, of course, there will be great anticipation for the next visit and what has happened in the garden. Selecting plants for children is quite simple; plants should be easy to grow, fast growing for quick results, and something that will produce an exciting result.

Gardening for Seniors

Some people find it difficult to do hard, manual labor like digging up the existing soil, as well as getting down on the ground and then getting back up again. With SFG, the simple answer is to just raise the garden up to the gardener's height. It can be a sit-down garden, which is particularly adaptable for a person in a wheelchair or someone that wants to sit and garden. A little higher would be a stand-up garden if that makes it easier to tend; since there is very little maintenance—just nurturing—you are not standing for long periods of time. And the gardens, once they have a plywood bottom installed, can be moved to any location for the convenience and pleasure of the gardener.

You can now put various sizes of boxes on patios, near the pool, the back door, or any pleasant area around the house that is easy for a senior to attend to their garden. Of course, there is no longer the need to walk way out back carrying a bunch of heavy-duty tools. Now, it is just a matter of going to your garden and tending it with the minimal amount of effort, work, and tools. There is no weeding, and because we are starting with a perfect soil mix, there is never any

Special Gardens and Gardeners

heavy digging. There is no need to even have shovels or forks or any If you use sawhorses to support large tools, just one trowel. your tabletop SFG, please make

Sometimes seniors enjoy out-of-season gardening because they sure they are sturdy have the time to tend their gardens during the tricky, out-of-season weather. This also gets them moving about out of doors more often, which is another asset.

Special Needs Gardening


SFGs have gone a lot of places over the years. They've been placed on wheels; we know of a veterans hospital where a SFG was built on a gurney and wheeled from the roof down the service elevator so it could be taken to bedridden patients. I he SFG Foundation has taught the blind; I designed a SFG for the Helen Keller Institute on Long Island where blind students learned gardening. We have also taught at the school for the deaf in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other worthwhile places we have installed SFGs are in prisons and troubled youth facilities. Building a small portable garden (in sizes from 2X2 up to 4x4 with a plywood bottom added) allows people to participate who might not have been able to garden.

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