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Some easy-to-grow annuals include marigold\ sunflower; and zinnia.

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New Square Foot Garden. The limiting factors are how steep the slope is and how big your garden is going to be. You're in luck with a SFG because you can build boxes that will fit into the lay of the land.

Basically, in order to have a level garden so your soil and water doesn't run off, you're going to cut a path into the hillside wide enough to make a garden area. If you want a 4-foot-wide bed, you will have to reach in from both sides and that can be too much of a stretch from the uphill side. However, with a 3-foot wide box, which will be higher than the downhill aisle, you will be able to reach in the full 3 feet from the downhill side because you are standing up rather than kneeling down next to the box.

To get a 3-foot wide level spot, you just cut into the hill and move the soil downhill to form the 3-foot wide areas.

Think ahead about water availability, time, and the cost to dig and then level a pathway wide enough to hold both you and your garden. The steeper the slope, the harder it becomes.

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