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Once you ve attached the elbow connectors to your 4-foot conduit pipe, lay it against the north-facing board oj your SFG. Next, hammer the rebar where the elbows are located. You 71 want to drive the rebar in about half its height.

Installing the Vertical Frame

Your vertical frame should be installed outside the box, so it sits on the ground. Aside from driving the concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) into the ground, and slipping the conduit over them, you could also attach the vertical frame to your box with pipe clamps on the side. This would give them even more stability.

Securing Vertical Supports In the Ground

To secure the vertical frame, pound two 72-inch diameter pieces of concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) into the ground. These bars can be purchased already cut at any building supply store and should be anywhere between 18 to 24 inches long depending on your soil. The looser (sandier) your soil is, then the longer the bar should be. Drive the rebar halfway into the ground, keeping it nice and straight; I suggest you wear gloves for this. The two electrical conduit legs slip right over those 72-inch rebars and are securely in place. We never pound on the conduit itself because the ends will bend and then they won't fit into the coupling or over the rebar.

Vertical Gardening

Slide the 6- foot conduit pipes over the rebar.

Extra-Strong Frame for Heavy Crops

To make the vertical frame extra strong for watermelons, squash, and pumpkins, drive a steel fence post into the ground first instead of the rebar. A fence post can be just the shortest 3-foot tall size. Once the fence post is in the ground, then the conduit is attached to it with three pipe clamps. The whole frame then becomes so strong that it will hold up any weight no matter how high you go.

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