All New Square Foot Gardening

Go to the nursery department of your local home improvement center and browse through it to find the ground cover material you prefer.


Building Boxes and Structures

the boxes, we laid down many layers of newspaper. Next we added a 1-inch layer of sand and then started laying bricks right on that sand base. No mortar or cement is needed—just fin in the tight joints with loose sand. When we got to the existing 4x4 garden boxes, we just went right around them. It went well and in one afternoon it was all done. What an improvement—wow! We added some patio furniture, and this area became a favorite spot to sit and enjoy the yard and gardens. We also began to notice more of a different kind of visitor to the garden—the birds and bees and butterflies and so many more insects. And all for the price of a few bricks (well, a small truckload actually) and a little sand.

One Last Idea

How would you like to carpet your garden . . . wall to wall? Well, you can. Buy new or used indoor/outdoor patio carpeting. It even comes in a grass style but, don't worry, you won t have to mow it!

Let's Review

When building a SFG, start with the basic building block—a 4x4

bottomless wood box. Then, depending on the situation, add special features to solve any gardening problem or to protect your garden from any hazard. These are just some of the things you can accomplish with simple additions to your SFG boxes. You can add:

  • A wire bottom to keep out moles, voles, and gophers
  • A weed cloth bottom to keep out weeds or grass
  • A chicken wire top to keep out cats, dogs, and rabbits
  • A PVC top frame then:
  • Clear plastic to create a miniature greenhouse
  • Bird or deer netting
  • A blanket to protect plants from frosts
  • Floating row covers to protect from insects
  • The possibilities are endless.

After all this talk about building all these different things for protecting your garden, I don't want you to become worried, thinking that you have to spend a lot of time creating complex






* Kill Weeds for Free

Some gardeners use indoor or outdoor carpeting either face up, or if you don't like the color or texture, face down. This is a good way to smother and kill grass or weeds in the aisles without any digging. However, once it rains, indoor carpet gets soggy and smelly, so out it goes.

Where do you get old carpet? Go to your local carpet store; they have tons of it out by the dumpster. Don't ask them to deliver it though. If if s new stuff you are going to buy, they may deliver that free once you buy it. They'll even cut it for you to the width of your aisles.

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