All New Square Foot Gardening

What are some of your favorite annuals or herbs? Plant them among your veggies for added color and interest.

Rotation Not Critical

The nice thing about SFG is you are also practicing crop rotation without even knowing it. Crop rotation is very important in traditional row gardening when dealing with existing soils that have very few nutrients in them—nutrients that can quickly be depleted by planting and replanting the same crop year after year in the same soil. When you begin gardening with a healthy, rich soil like Mels Mix, crop rotation is really not critical. Mels Mix gives you a garden soil that is 33 percent compost, which has all the nutrients and trace elements that plants need. But crop rotation is still a good idea for insect and pest control in addition to soil nutrients. If you grow the same thing continuously in the same place, eventually pests or diseases may take over since they have lived and played in that spot for so long. But if you replant every square three times a year, SFG is going to be no picnic for them. They will have to move every two months. I'll bet they will go somewhere else to set up residency. How about your row gardener next door that laughed at you when you started building your boxes?

Add Color

One more thing. Now that youve become an accomplished gardener one square at a time, you've improved the look and landscape of your garden and perhaps even your yard and patio. When you decide you need a little color over here or there, you may put in a summer crop of Bowers—perhaps pink petunias—you become a designer. Just think—you're enjoying a painting in progress when you garden the All New Square Foot Gardening way!

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