All New Square Foot Gardening

  1. Think ahead when you go to yard sales or the thrift shop. Many covers could serve double duty as frost covers in the fall, then decorative covers in the winter.
  2. Use wide, colorful ribbon, rope, or contrasting colored strips of sheets to tie bows on the boxes. Tuck in greens and pine cones, even lights if you can get an extension cord to the garden. (Remember now, your garden no longer needs to be way out back; it can be right near your back door where you'll see it more often.)
  3. Decorate you vertical frames with decorative lights, pine branches, pine cones, and bird feeders.

After Christmas, stick a discarded Christmas tree in the center of each box, and make them into bird feeders, with or without lights. Tie a string from each box corner to the treetop for support.

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