All New Square Foot Gardening


ZIP, ZAP, BING, BING, BING For nine per square foot, take two fingers, spread them apart, and draw two lines horizontally (zip, zap), which divides the square into thirds, and then two vertically, so that you've got nine sections. Folks from Texas like to use the "hook-em-horn" sign using the trigger finger and little pinky finger.

For those with smaller hands (kids love doing this), use your thumb and the trigger finger, or take one finger and draw two lines separately going each way. Poke nine holes (bing, bing, bing) in the middle of your drawn squares and you're ready to plant your seeds.

If s even more fun marking the sixteen plantings per square foot. Remember, there is no measuring. Divide the square in half each way (eyeball it) by drawing lines in the soil with your finger, the same zip zap (one vertical line and one horizontal line, each dividing the square in half) as described for four per square foot. Then, take two fingers, your trigger and middle fingers, and punch holes in the soil. They should be spaced about the same distance your eyes are spaced apart. Without poking yourself in the eye, hold your fingers up to your face so the fingers are spaced just about right, and then, mark your soil. In each of the four squares, go bing, bing, with your fingers, marking two holes each time so there are four holes in each small square.

How to Plant Your All New Square Foot Garden

For crops that cati fit four to a square foot, divide the square into jour sections and poke a hole in the middle of each section.

Plant seeds—-just a pinch or one to two if they are larger—into the holes you poked into the squares.

one, four, nine, or sixteen plants.

Just because we're talking about measuring in inches doesn't mean you have to get out your ruler or yardstick, and you don't have to do any complicated measuring or figuring either. This is when the grid becomes handy. When your square foot is bordered by a grid, its much easier to think one, four, nine, or sixteen plants in each square foot.

All you do is draw lines in the soil with your fingers! For one plant per square foot just poke a hole in the middle of the square with your finger. For four per square foot, draw a vertical and horizontal line dividing the square in half each way. The plants go right in the center of these four smaller squares.

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