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take the cage off.) Grab the cage wire with your fingers and lift the whole thing off, tend to the plants, and then put it back down. A Rill cage needs a wooden-frame bottom for support, but it then fits nicely on your wooden garden box frame. See how everything in SFG fits together so nicely, just like Legos.


To make a wooden bottom for a wire cage, attach four pieces of 1 X2 inch pine lumber 4 feet long in a box shape with two deck screws at each corner. Then cut and shape your chicken wire or fencing wire to the 4x4 box to create any height you want. Staple the wire to the wood frame using Vs-inch staples, and then wire or tie the vertical corners together or wherever the wire forms a corner. If you are using chicken wire or any wire that has sharp edges, you may want to cover the sharp points—including where the wire is stapled to the wood—with something like duct tape (choose a nice color) to prevent getting scratched while you're moving your cover. Another way is to attach the wire to the inside of the 1 X2 frame. Its a little more work to staple the wire to the inside, but there wont be any Brace the frame with your foot sharp points to scratch you. If you have a couple of these cages made and bend the chicken wire up. up ahead of time—one or two that are 6 inches tall, another couple

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Once the wire is bent on all sides, remove the wood frame and connect the four corners at three locations using the plastic ties.

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Set your wire frame over the wood frame and connect the wire with the plastic ties. Use the ties at random points on tope of the frame, too.

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  • Gerardo
    How to make cage covers in square foot garden?
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    How to make a wire cage for a squate foot garden?
    6 years ago

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