All New Square Foot Gardening

w/ere converting our whole garden to this method.

  • Kathyln from Idaho
  • just taught a class of 20, some "old-timers" were a bit skeptical, but the general public was just thrilled with your ideas and SFG; when I laid down the 4X4 cardboard display, it was as though a door opened and they saw how much they could plant within that "small" space.
  • Fatmifrom Georgia

O ur school garden was inspired by your book.

—Manja from Oregon

My vegetables are finally doing something; why didnt I switch to SFG a long time ago?

-Mike from Boise

So friendly and down-to-earth.

  • Ros from California
  • Ve had only 6 weeds all summer.
  • Noel and Lori in Canada

We are stunned at how much is growing in so small a space.

—Diana from Indiana

I'll never go back to conventional furrow gardening.

—Sherifrom Michigan

Xour Square Foot Gardening method is PERFECT for us with terrible soil.

■Rebecca from Florida

Mj/ 3-year-old had a blast with our new SFG and started eating her veggies much better.

  • Michael from Georgia
  • ncredible, the most gratifying gardening experience in my life.
  • Deborah from South Carolina

Mel's Mailbox

1t is the ONLY way to plant!

—Frank from Washington

Xour method is amazing, so simple\ yet effective.

—Gail from New Zealand

All of the truly great ideas and innovations are, in a sense, simple and obvious.

—Robert from Oklahoma

The best idea to come to the world of gardening,

—Jeremiah from Arkansas

Everything is just great!

—Jimmy from Alabama

Xour method has given me the confidence to try veggies again after a few feeble attempts.

—Anne from Florida

SFG is so very refreshing.

I m glad I found your book before I purchased that $1,000 tiller!

—Scott from West Virginia

So, simple, it is ingenious.

—Rackette from Texas

I only spend 5-10 minutes per day tending to my Square Foot Garden.

—Frank from Virginia

Ground breaking genius.

—Leisa from Tennessee

Xour method is great! I really hate the heavy equipment and over-producing row methods.

Keith from New York

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