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Once the grid is attached, connect together with a nut and bolt or some other type of fastener.

your square foot garden Because the wood lath is rigid, it can span from one side of the box is ready for planting. to the other side in case your Mel's Mix is not level with the top of the box. Otherwise, it can just lie on top. If your grid spans across the box sides, keep the grid from moving about by drilling a hole in

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Grids need to remain in place during the entire growing season. Remember you're harvesting and replanting each square foot throughout the season. Besides that, you want to make sure everyone notices you have an authentic SFG.

the ends of the two center slats and screwing them to your wooden box. Some people like to take the wood lath grid up for the winter so it doesn't get wet and rot as easily. Unscrew the four screws, fold the grid, and hang it on the garage wall. Put the screws in a plastic bag and hang it up with the grid to keep the screws safe and dry over the winter.

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