Youll Want To Have The Proper Tools

To construct the hydroponic planter you'll need a magic marker, scissors and a some aquarium safe silicone sealant. Add a sharp razor and hacksaw to the list to build the AeroSpring - you'll also be happy to have an electric drill with a 2 7/8" holesaw attachment to make cutting the grow sites easier. The hybrid PVC systems are pretty much going to necessitate the electric drill and holesaw - especially if you plan to build the heavy duty design that utilizes 6" PVC pipe for grow chambers. While PVC is easy to cut with a hacksaw, cutting perfectly circular holes into the tubing is going to be next to impossible without this tool. If you don't own a heavy duty 3/8" or 1/2" drive electric drill, you can most likely borrow or rent one. You will most likely need to buy the 2 7/8" holesaw - at this size they usually consist of two parts - an arbor which holds the drill bit (for drilling the pilot hole) and the actual holesaw which looks like a half a beer can with a saw toothed edge for cutting circles. Get directions on using this equipment BEFORE you even pick it up as it can be dangerous without exercising the proper care and cautions. If you haven't any power tools or experience using them, you may consider hiring an experienced handyman or carpenter to cut the holes for you. The best way I've found to cut these holes is by using a drill press and shop clamps to steady the pipes while cutting the holes. I've built several 4" and 6" systems using nothing more than a 12V cordless drill and steady hand though so don't be discouraged!

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