Now subtract the cup depth from Step 2 from the distance measured in step 5. Make a mark on the inside of the chamber at this height - this is where the bottoms of the cups will be situated once placed into the system. You will use this mark to determine the proper height to mount the misting manifold.

NOTE: This picture depicts marking the front of the misting chamber when in fact it should depict marking either side (behind model's elbow). Don't get confused here cause it could mess you up on Steps 7 and 8.

Step 7.

From the mark you made in Step 6 (A), mark off two more lines, the first (B) at one inch below and the second (C) at 1 1/2" below. This is so that the tops of the sprayers are at the same level as the bottoms of the cups. Some sprayers will aim the spray upwards at a slight angle - you may wish to try them out first to determine if this is the case. Your goal is to get the spray to hit the bottoms of the cups.

Look at the drawing of the completed injection manifold in Step 16. It will give you a better idea of what you will be creating in these next few steps...

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