Plumbing system parts list injection manifold

Study this page to understand and familiarize yourself with the plumbing system and determine what parts you will need. These parts are also available at the store.

a. 1" dia. PVC pipes cut to length b. 1" dia. PVC elbows c. 1" x 1" x 3/4" PVC "T" fittings d. 3/4" PVC to thread adapters

Each of the 6" grow chambers are fed by an assembly that includes these -parts - only one assembly is shown ^ ^S for clarity of illustration.

These four parts are specific to constructing the 4" cham-

  1. 3/4" threaded end cap f. 1" x 1" PVC slip to male thread adapter j. 1" inlet/outlet Teel filter ^
  2. 1" PVC slip to female threaded adapter g h i v. 1" PVC ball valve v. 1" PVC ball valve


The following parts are for building the 6" chambered system only as they are overkill for the four inch design - see note across page.

l. 1/4 HP non. sub. pump m. 1" thread to barb adapter n. 1" inside diameter tubing o. 1" inside diameter Atwood thru-hull fitting p. 1" threaded strainer t

ber system only. Each chamber is fed by a group of these four parts, only one group is shown for clarity of illustration.

  1. 1" x 1" x 3/4" PVC "T"
  2. 3/4" dia. PVC pipe nipple h. 3/4 " PVC end cap i. 1/4" microjet sprayer


If you are building a smaller garden (<15 ft. of total grow chamber length) you may utilize a lower volume, submersible pump shown below as part "q." You will need to determine the proper fitting to connect it to the feeder manifold at the part labeled "k"

q. 300-500 GPH submersible pump with intake filter. May be used in place of parts "l" through "p."

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