Nutritional problems

Nutritional problems can be diagnosed and corrected by using the following chart. If you determine there is a problem with your nutrient, it is best to flush your system and begin with a fresh batch of corrected formulation.

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Nutrient Deficiency of nutrient results in:

Nitrogen Plants are slow growing, weak and stunted Leaves are yellowing - older leaves first and maturity is reached early with low yield.

Phosphorous Slow growing, stunted and dark green. Older leaves may turn purple and show signs first.

Potassium Older leaf margins appear burned out.

Calcium Tips of shoots and roots die off.

Magnesium Older leaves turn yellow between viens.

Molybdenum Similar to Nitrogen deficiency.

Sulfur Young leaves yellow, stems become woody.

Iron Yellowing between viens (interveinal chlorosis)

Manganese Stunted growth, interveinal chlorosis of young leaves.

Boron Leaves and stems grow brittle and stunt growth.

Zinc Interveinal chlorosis - young leaves, growth stunted.

Copper Stunted growth, distorted young leaves. Shoots die.

Excess nutrient results in

Plants are dark green, soft and succulent Fruit and seed crops may not produce.

Results in Iron and zinc deficiency.

Results in Magnesium deficiency.

Results in Mg and/or K deficiency symptoms.

Hard to spot. Premature leaf death.

Older leaves exhibit small brown spots with yellow rings around them. Leaves die from tips inward.

Causes Iron deficiency.

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