Investigate your local market

The most important thing you can do before planting any herbs to sell is to visit your local markets and determine what they sell and where the opportunity exists. Take a look at the fresh herb fridge and see what they have and how fresh it is. Nine times out of ten you will be amazed at how ragged their "fresh" herbs really are! Have a look at the prices and jot them down. Also, take notes of the quantities being sold in each package. Usually fresh herbs are sold by the "bunch" which in most cases is about as much as you could grab in your hand. Study the packaging and labels as you will need to create a unique identity for your own. Visit as many small markets as you can in your immediate area. Compile your information and organize it so you can determine what is selling and for how much. Below is a list of what I have determined to be the best selling herbs in order of importance. Assign a retail price to each from the research you have conducted.

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