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Rockwool is made from molten rock which is spun into long, glass-like fibers. These fibers are available compressed into bricks and cubes or as loose material called flock. Rockwool has a good water to air capacity and is widely used as a starting medium for seeds and a rooting medium for cuttings. Some of the world's largest hydroponic greenhouses use rockwool slabs to raise all sorts of fully mature plants.

The mixed green seedlings at right were planted in cocopeat in easy to handle flats. When these seedlings harden off, they will be transplated to their new homes in soilfree gardens. The transplantation process for seedlings raised in cocopeat is as simple as shaking or rinsing the loose cocopeat from the plant and inserting them into whatever will support them in their new home.

Greenhouse Rockwool Stages

This hydroponic system is truly soilfree. The Aeroflo series by General Hydroponics can accept seedlings or starts grown in any of the mediums featured in this chapter. You'll learn how to make these systems yourself in the back of this book.

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