Simon's Simple Hydroponics Plans

Hydroponic Grow Systems

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Foreword 6

Water - the basis of life 7

Hydroponics - a quick overview 8

The organic composition of plants 10

Plant nutrition 11

The nutrient solution 12

Hydroponic nutrient recipes 13

Measuring nutrient concentration and pH 14

It's all about the roots! 16

Soilfree hydroponic mediums 18

Let there be light 20

Indoor lighting for horticulture 22

Environmental control and automation 24

Supercharging your garden with CO2 25

Getting started with seeds 27

Making clones of your favorite plant 28

Stocking your hydroponic garden 29

Stages of growth 30

Growers guide to popular plants 32

Problems with your plants? 33

Integrated Pest Management Web Sites 35

Making a market for your garden 36

Types of hydroponic systems 39

Planning your hydroponic garden 42

Three inexpensive hydroponic gardens you can build 43

Build a hydroponic planter 45

Build the aeroponic AerospringTM garden 48

Build the pvc pipe hydroponic systems 57

The spare closet garden 69

Conclusion 70

Read Me 71

Give a man a meal, feed him once.

Teach a man to fish, feed him for life...

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