Aero Spring parts list

A. (1) 30-50 Gallon Plastic Container With Lid

We used a "Tucker" 42 Gallon Storage Container With Hinged Lid from Caldor, a local housewares store. You should have no problem finding these containers on sale in just about every type of store from home improvement/hardware to bed and bath. You want to use a container that is free from holes and made of a rugged, opaque plastic - preferably dark blue, black, green or red in color to keep light from passing through its walls and causing algae growth within the system. The container needs to have a lid that fits securely as you will be cutting holes in it through which your plants will be suspended in plastic cups, allowing the roots to grow down within.

B. (1) 100-150 GPH Submersible Pump

We used a Beckett 150 GPH Submersible Pump from Home Depot, a home improvement store. These types of pumps are commonly available as fountain and pool/spa cover drainage pumps. I found 150-300 GPH pumps to work best.

  1. (1) 1/4" > 1/2" Threaded Coupler Connects the pump outlet to the 1/2" PVC pipe
  2. (2) 1/2" PVC Male Threaded Couplers To connect 1/2" PVC pipe to pump and valve
  3. (1) 1/2" PVC Ball Valve
  4. (1) 1/2" > 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter
  5. (1) 1/2" PVC "L" Fitting
  6. (1) 1/2" PVC "T" Fitting
  7. (1) 1/2" PVC end cap
  8. (1) 10' PVC Pipe 1/2" Inside Diameter

The above parts can be purchased at a plumbing supply store.

Final quantity depending on how many grow sites you choose - you will also need some smooth, clean gravel or GroRox to fill these cups with and provide an anchor for your plant's roots. You'll need about 2 cups per grow site. L. (1) Cycle Timer +/- 20% Duty Cycle

A cycle timer is one that turns on for "x" minutes and off for "x" minutes and then repeats this "cycle" as long as it is plugged in. We used an NFT-1 cycle timer that is specifically manufactured for hydroponic applications. It turns on for 1 minute and then off for four minutes. This is effectively a 20% duty cycle which keeps the roots wet and the pump from running continuously which would heat up the nutrient solution quickly.

M. (6-8) Micro Sprayers - 180 or 360 Degree pattern

Pictured at right are actually three different types of micro sprayers - be sure to use those designed for low pressure applications or else they will not "spray" 1) Stocking or Filter Bag - not shown

School Bags Manufacturer Gauteng

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