The most recent technology to be developed in agriculture is Aeroponics, a method in which a plant's roots are grown suspended mid-air. The plants are generally suspended from baskets (similar to those in which strawberries are packaged) at the top of a closed trough or cylinder. With the plants suspended in this manner, all essential nourishment can be provided to the roots by spraying them with a nutrient solution. Since the roots are suspended in mid-air, they receive the maximum amount of Oxygen possible. This method is also the most nutrient-efficient because you need only provide what the plants require, and any nutrient that is not absorbed is drained and recycled much like the in previous methods. Pictured at right is an interesting aeroponic application whereby plants are grown in styrofoam sheets that form an enclosed "A" frame. Inside the "A" are misters that spray the roots as described above.

It is of utmost importance that the atmosphere in which the roots grow is maintained at 100% relative humidity to prevent root dehydration. A drawback to current aeroponic systems is that in the event of pump malfunction or loss of power, the root systems will not remain healthy for long without the spray of nutrient enriched water -they will quickly dry up and die. However, the increased oxygenation that is received by the plant's root structure benefits growth at an unprecedented level and has been scientifically proven to increase crop yields by as much as 10 times over soil. Our AeroSpringtm design that is featured for construction later on, combines a deep, oxygenated reservoir to protect against root dehydration in the event of pump failure.

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