Controlling runoff and erosion

Soil conservation practices that control runoff and erosion minimize the risks of ground-and surface-water contamination. Management practices you can use to minimize the risk of surface water contamination include the following.

  • Provide a vegetative cover over the soil surface that protects the soil from direct raindrop impact and promotes water infiltration.
  • Avoid the surface application of manure or compost prior to rainfall.
  • Cover compost or manure piles or establish water diversion areas upslope from the piles and nutrient runoff buffer areas downslope from the piles.
  • Do not apply fertilizers or manure in a way that allows nutrient levels in the soil to become excessive.
  • Avoid excess traffic within fields, especially when the soil is wet, to minimize compaction.

Strongly Acid

Medium Acid


Very Slightly Alkaline

Slightly Alkaline

Medium Alkaline

Strongly Alkaline

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The availability of plant nutrients in soils is affected by the soil's pH.

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