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Topdressing with organic matter is the most effective way to reduce thatch in lawns. It increases microbe lations and activity by providing the food they need. Large microbe populations not only improv e >nil health, they also break down thatch quickly and steadily, preventing a gradual buildup. Compost is the Ix-st topdreasJ ing. but you can use any fine material, such as dehydrated manure. (Don't use peat moss, which repd> water.)

The process is basically the same as spreading fertilizer or lime, though you're using more material. Aim for a layer about V* inch (.6 cm) deep. Since the material you're spreading is a low-level and slow-release source of nutrients, you don't have to worry about creating a striped lawn. You can topdress lawns at any time, but spring and fall are best. Fall is particularly g(x>d if you're going to overseed sparse lawns with one of the improved varieties or blends of grass seed. Spread the seed and then cover with the topdressing to improve germination. (For metric equivalents, see "Useful Conversions" on page 208.)

If the thatch on your lawn is more than 3/4 inch thick, rake the lawn first to remove it. If you're planning to aerate your lawn, do it before top-dressing so that some of the topdressing can sift down into the holes left by the lawn corer.

If your topdressing is very fine and/or granulated, you can spread it Va inch deep with a fertilizer spreader. Otherwise, distribute several small piles evenly over your lawn. Rake out the piles into a roughly 'A-inch-deep layer.

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Calculate how much organic matter you need about 23 cubic feet for every 1,000 square :ee; of lawn. It must be fairly fine in order 4o disappear between grass blades. If you're using homemade Of coarse commercial compost, sift it through a I'.:- or l/2-inch mesh.

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