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¿^ While the engine is still worm from use, drain and replace the oil. First remove the wire from the spark plug far safety. Tilting the engine if necessary (keeping the muffler side up), loosen the oil drain plug slightly with a wrench. Place the pan below the oil plug, unscrew the plug, and let the dirty oil drain into the pan; replace the plug. Refill the engine oil as recommended; avoid overfilling. Reconnect the spark-plug wire before storing or using.

A bit of oil inside protects the engine from winter corrosion. Remove the spark plug with a spa»*-piug wrench and clean with an old toothbrush, or buy a new spark plug (usually after every 50 hours of use). Pour a tablespoon (15 ml) of clean engine o;! ;nic the hole. Replace the spark plug and crank the engine over by hand a couple of times to distribute the oil evenly. When you start the engine next spring you'll see a bit of white smoke as the oil burns off.

Before storing, brush any debris off the engine, especially around the cooling fins. Inspect the starting cord and replace if it looks frayed. Find the fuel line and bend it gently to see if it has developed any cracks; if so. replace. Sharpen blades or tines. Use a bit qf lubricating oil or spray on all moving parts, including the control cable and carburetor linkage. (Don't go overboard; too much lubricant attracts dirt.)

^iean the air filter to ensure a good air supply to the carburetor. Remove the cover and remove the filter underneath Replace paper filters each fall for best performance. Wash foam filters in hot, soapy water. Squeeze as much water out as possible. Place 3|; :abiespoon$ (45 ml) of your engine oil in a small, clean plastic bag. Put the cleaned filter in the bag, close tightly, and squeeze the filter repeatedly until it's saturated with oil. Remove any excess oil with a paper towel before replacing the filter.

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