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Lawn Company Secrets

Working from 9 to 5 can be exhausting, considering the fact that not only you are burdened with work, for which you are underpaid, but you are also given less freedom.

Talking about freedom, it all boils down to owning your own company and if your target is opening a lawn company, Lawn Company Secrets will more than help you.

Lawn Company Secrets

Authored by one of the most successful lawn business owners, Wayne Mullins, the Lawn Company Secrets is a compilation of downloadable PDF books.

The books target every secret, every step, and every challenge of owning a lawn business. It basically formulates an actionable road map for you to follow even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of business and its intricacies.

Once you are done with the course, the benefits of this course start to pour down upon you immediately and

  • You will see how your current lawn business or the new to-be-started business will skyrocket,
  • You will become your own boss and throw the shackles of your former workplace,
  • You will control your paycheck and will never ask anyone else to pay you,
  • You will get ahead of the curve by the help of all the resources made available to you, and
  • You won’t be just a daydreamer anymore. Everything considered and followed, you will take control of your entire life in a matter of a few days.

“Lawn Business Success Course”

The Lawn Company Secrets is one of the books in the Lawn Business Success Course produced by the author we introduced to you above.

As said the complete course covers every aspect, strategy, and plan of laying down a strong foundation of a to-be successful business.

Imagine bossing over 40 employees that listen to you.

Imagine taking care of your purchases like a millionaire.

Imagine going about your business without anyone’s interruption, and getting all of that packed inside an easy to follow guide that takes not more than a few days to master.

That’s right. A few days of all-out success tailored to your needs of becoming an owner of a lawn company.

Enough said about it, let’s get down and see what it offers as a whole.

1. Lawn Company Secrets

This is the main book that deals with the following.

  • Giving an attractive name to your business. A name that sells.
  • A question that can double the loyalty of your customers.
  • A strategy that can put your lawn company on autopilot.
  • Strategies to establish the right kind of business model.
  • Powerful methods of giving estimates - the ones that are sure to make your customers open their wallets.
  • Recent lawn industry news sources.
  • Lawn company equipment and their basics.
  • Writing an estimate that helps you get clients.
  • Secrets to maximize your lawn company profits.
  • Secrets to improving your company’s image.
  • Phone tips to increase your account numbers.
  • What to do when the winter arrives?
  • A principle that will change your business and your life for the best.

2. Lawn Business Marketing 101

This book deals with all the marketing tactics that will bring your business into the limelight. By going through it, you will

  • Learn the importance of marketing your business,
  • Discover how you will stand in the marketing spheres,
  • Know step-by-step tactics of becoming the bottom feeder,
  • Learn simple techniques that will help you get more customers and handle them,
  • Know the secret of keeping customers loyal,
  • Learn how you can keep a track of your marketing expenses,
  • Discover personality traits of who you will talk to and what will it matter to your business,
  • Learn four key principles of advertising for profit,
  • Learn about employee personal branding,
  • Know the secrets of keeping customers interested in your business, and how it will help to increase your profits,
  • Learn what marketing strategies do pioneer lawn marketers follow to be successful,
  • Know why losing a customer is expensive, and how to avoid that, and
  • Learn how you will find new prospects faster.

3. Residential lawn Marketing Secrets

A residential lawn needs their own marketing and through this book, you will learn all its following secrets.

  • Residential lawn marketing success
  • Landing more accounts by presenting accurate estimate and steps to that
  • Techniques to get testimonials
  • Getting referrals from clients
  • Getting your customers to advertise you
  • Turning prospects into customers by 4 letters and doing the same to turn referrals into customers
  • Templates of two business generating reports
  • Door hangers, postcards, and flyer templates, and
  • Sales letters template.

4. Commercial Lawn Marketing Secrets

It will help you learn all the secrets related to the commercial marketing of your company. Moreover,   

  • You’ll discover what you’ve been doing wrong,
  • Know the truth about commercial clients, five things that matter to them,
  • Learn to get more commercial clients, their testimonials,
  • Learn increasing the number of prospects into commercial clients, and transforming referrals to customers,
  • Have a report that will increase your customers, and
  • Tactics to position yourself as the authority in the field.

5. Employee Resources

You’ll definitely need this book if you want your employees to wear your brand like clothes and be successful. It contains  

  • Policies related to dress code, drug, and alcohol,
  • All the offenses and the ways of dealing with them,
  • Knowledge about proper vacation time, holiday time, and sick time, along with probationary periods,
  • All the information on giving the right promotions and increases to the deserving employees,
  • Discipline measures and how to impose them,
  • Principles for the interaction of employees with customers,
  • Safety procedures, and
  • Authorization for release of information.


Besides the books that are part of the course, you also get a bonus book containing a commercial and a residential contract to get you started on getting more accounts.

With that, commercial and residential proposals, and collection letters are also a part of the bonus books.

Lawn Business Success Course and its special book Lawn Company Secrets will set you up on a course to success in the industry without requiring any business skills from you. So, what makes you wait to achieve all your company ownership dream?

Lawn Company Secrets
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