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Potting Shed Interior DesignsDesigner Shed

A rew book by designer ard gardener

Burry Williams includes a fresh look at ar old stardard, the pottirg shed

It's almost every gardener's dream to have a potting shed—well-equipped and roomy enough to be an inside place that reflects how you feel about your garden. Certainly that was the way interior designer and author Bunny Williams felt when she moved into the northwest Connecticut home she bought 28 years ago—and has worked on, lived in and cherished ever since. As she recalls in her new book, An Affair with a House (Stewart,Tabori & Chang, $55), co-authored with Christine Pittel, one of her first tasks, after shoring up the 1840 house itself, was to carve out two potting sheds— one equipped as a flower prep room, the other a more earthy work space—both with a picture-perfect provincial look, so she could get to work on the garden.

november / december 200 5

In the depth of winter, I learned that within me there lay an invincible summer — albert camus

From left, clockwise: BunnyWilliams outside the barn. An old copper butler's sink makes a utilitarian space enjoyable. The potting shed is a cosy gardener's retreat with a wicker chair and old school desk.

FORM: It didn't take Williams long to recognize that two rooms in the old barn—a workroom and what was probably the old tack room—were marked from the start for garden utility conversion. FUNCTION: "Every gardener needs a workspace, for the stacks of clean terracotta pots awaiting the newest seedlings, for the bins of potting soils and fertilizers, for the tools that need to be close at hand," writes Williams. "It's the place where you can be a little dirty, where you can pot your annuals in the spring and hope, by summer's end, they will grow to be bursting with blooms." Functional and inspiring, Williams' work spaces allow her to organize: She stores her collection of vases under the sink in the flower prep room; in the potting shed she keeps her tools, terra cotta pots, and an old school desk where she keeps her garden notebook that tracks successes and failures. furnishings: The centerpiece of the flower prep room is a handsome old French-style copper sink divided in the middle and matched with two faucets equipped with floor pedals—so you can control the flow of water with your feet and keep your hands free. Then Williams had the natural concrete floors waxed, brought in a painted pie cupboard for storage and put in radiant heat in the floor so the room would be usable all winter. STYLE: Rustic-country—"What I like to call provincial," says Williams. PLANTS: She pampers and pots annuals like ageratum for the terrace and begonias for the porch, and repots her succulent collection. In winter plants like agapanthus that don't need sun when they go dormant find a home out of the frost. BONUS: Simply having two potting sheds is bonus enough.

Potting Shed Sinks

From left, clockwise: BunnyWilliams outside the barn. An old copper butler's sink makes a utilitarian space enjoyable. The potting shed is a cosy gardener's retreat with a wicker chair and old school desk.

I trust in Nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility — robert t. browning

GARDEN design

Fish Chaise Lounge GrangePotting Shed Sinks

Maison &

The Paris runway for the latest exterior design fashions

Maison & Objet, a trade show held in September and January every year in Paris, is the market for people with an eye for design. Here, the chicest, hippest and classiest interior- and exterior-design firms in Europe converge in a rambling state-of-the-art convention center just outside Paris to share and promote their newest ideas. Presentation is everything: New pieces of furniture are sometimes set on pedestals like Greek statues, and every booth is as eye-catching as the best window dressing in Paris.

The presence of outdoor furniture at the show is deceptively small—some 25 dealers at most. But among them are the crème de la crème of the European market—Dedon, Royal Botania, Kettal, Sifas,Val-Eur, Domani. Because historically European exterior design has led the way for innovations in outdoor furnishings in the United States, it was great fun for the editors of Garden Design to catch a look at what the future holds for our own backyards—drama, color, brave new forms and inventive technology. And be assured there are no "Don't Touch" signs anywhere. Most of these firms have American distribution, and some are willing to ship direct. So don't be shy.

  • 1] OBELISK: Dedon,the dynamic German high-style outdoor furniture company that invented the synthetic woven fiber Hularo and enticed the world's leading outdoor furniture designers to its doors, is taking Eu-rope—and now America—by storm. The Obelisk, designed by Frank Ligthart, includes two small lounge chairs, two medium lounge chairs and a table, which can be used individually or as modular pieces. From JANUS et CIE: $8,922;with cushions, $9,802. See www.januset or call 800-24-JANUS.
  • 2] FISH CHAISE LOUNGE: This year marked the American debut of the EGO line through Grange Furniture.The modern look of Cote d'Azur—which includes pieces like this aluminum-framed, mesh-supported, fish-inspired chaise lounge—promise to spin a long allure. From Grange: $1,990. See or call 212-685-9494. [3] QUADRO IMPERO FESTO-NATO: Inspired by an ancient design, this lovely new completely frostproof Impruneta terra-cotta pot was designed by the Enzo Zago studio in Chianti, Italy, which has been producing one-of-a-kind handcrafted terra-cotta pieces for over 30 years.Available through Tuscan Imports and Seibert & Rice: $999. See or call 843-667-9101; or call 973-467-8266.
Seibert Rice

november / december 200 5

An artist makes beautiful things without being aware of it -

edgar degas

Degas Sculpture

Nothing artificial, handcrafted from 100% copper, offering great looks at a competitive price.

Built for life in two uniquely different finishes, both light in weight and solid in construction. 509-921-1640

Call today for a retailer near you


12th Floor Showroom 123


14th Floor The Gardens-B260

San Francisco Gift Show

Show Different Shed DesignsVal Eur Retro50 Armchair
  • 4] KORBU: The essence of a no-nonsense approach to design, this cube chair by Domani, nicknamed after the 20th-century architect Corbusier, came by its name hon-estly.Available in six colors, it coordinates with a collection of planters (like the chair but with a fourth side). From Bloom, NYC: $1,800. Call 212-832-8094. For further U.S. information, see or call +011 329 340 4500.
  • 5] RELAX CHAISE: Created by the Vietnamese designer and engineer Quasar Khanh,this design brings the pool right onto the patio.As fun as this is, it is made from PVC three times thicker than that usually used in inflatable furniture, so it is built to last. From Branex Design: $192 (approx.). See or call +011 33 1 49 42 17 33.
  • 6] LIGHT STICK: This new LED outdoor light sculpture won Maison & Objet's award for the best new outdoor product. For use in either the garden or the terrace, the standard version is in white, but blue, green, red and yellow inserts are also available. Each light comes with four sticks. FromViteo Outdoors: large (59 inches), $360; small (43 inches), $335.50 (prices ap-prox.). See or call +011 43 3453-20662.
  • 7] E-Z: This polished, stainless-steel hammock is just one of the newest introductions from young, chic Belgian outdoor furniture maker, Royal Botania.With a sling made from weatherfast"batyline," it balances and is completely foldable. Special order through Henry Hall Designs: $1,900. See www.henryhall or call 800-767-7738.
  • 8] RETRO50 ARMCHAIR: This chair by Val-Eur, and its accompanying collection, takes a look back at the '50s, to great consequence. Handwoven from a very high quality vinyl that is durable, weather-resistant, colorfast and waterproof, it is available in silver gray or a combination of silver gray and taupe. Cushions come in various colors. From Deltropico Designs: $1,200. See www.deltropicodesigns. com or call 305-438-1119.

By faithful study of the nobler arts, our nature's softened, and more gentle grows — OVID

Beautiful Art for the Garden

Garden Design



The newest addition to the many appealing garden statues designed by this renowned artist. L'Deane Trueblood's outstanding ability to model children's faces so naturally and beautifully has made her bronze sculptures irresistible to collectors all over the world.



Trueblood Studios + 800-711-5595 + + [email protected]

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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