Botanical References for This Volume

Tuberous: Thickened like a tuber, as in roots.

Variegated: Differently colored areas, as in a leaf with streaks, marks, or patterns of various colors on its surface.

Variety: A subdivision of a species ranking lower than a subspecies.

Velvety: With erect, straight, moderately firm hairs, such as on a stem or leaf.

Warty: Covered with wartlike structures.

Weed: A plant that aggressively colonizes disturbed habitats or places where it is not wanted.

Winged fruit/seed: A thin, flat extension or projection from the side or tip of a seed.

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Note: Relevant medical references are included in the description of each plant. Several books were used as general references, particularly for less-common plant exposures. Although every attempt was made to provide literature-based support for our clinical and therapeutic descriptions, in certain instances we needed to rely on these older publications.

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