Utility Locations

Be particularly cautious about the location of overhead and underground electric lines when selecting a planting site and a tree species or cultivar. Only very short trees should be planted under or directly adjacent to overhead electric lines. Medium height trees should be offset 15 to 20 feet horizontally from electric lines and large trees should be offset 30 feet. Wider-crowned trees like elms or maples (Acer spp.) should be offset more than narrower-crowned trees like spruces or firs. If you suspect that you are planting in an area with underground electric lines or other buried utilities, call Blue Stakes at 1-800-662-4111 (532-5000 in Salt Lake City area) to have these utilities located and marked. For more information obtain a copy of "Trees and Power Lines," a brochure available from your county Cooperative Extension office or from Utah Power.

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