Trees and shrubs are a valuable addition to most property. Properly planted, well maintained trees add beauty, wind protection, shade, wildlife habitat, visual screening, and other benefits to the landscape.

Unfortunately, many landscape trees are not properly planted or cared for. In some cases this is simply a matter of neglect, but in other cases the person planting or caring for a tree is not properly trained. Recent research findings have led to improved methods for planting and maintaining trees that are often very different from traditional methods. In some cases we have found that traditional methods have actually done considerable harm.

Planting techniques have received considerable attention in recent years. Increased awareness about tree root systems, soils, and the effects of planting on both, have led to new recommendations on planting depth, soil amendments, fertilization, and tree handling. In this publication we describe how to select a tree and the most up-to-date techniques for planting landscape trees and for post-planting care. Recommendations are based on research where possible, though many questions about tree planting have not yet been answered by researchers. We will update this publication as new information becomes available.

This second edition updates the first edition published in February 1995. Extensive changes have been made to the tree selection guide, including the addition of many new species and cultivar names for each species.

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