A plant growing where it is not wanted. Weeds can cause serious damage to crops by competing for light, space and nutrients. In the old days, weeds were controlled largely by ploughing and hand-tilling. These days, selective herbicides which kill the weeds, but not the crop plants, are used. Note that weeds are competitors, not parasites. Weed suppression

Some crops, such as potatoes, are good at suppressing weeds. This is a useful alternative for organic farmers who may not use herbicides. Weeding

The process of controlling or removing weeds. Wheat

See: Triticum spp. Whiteflies

Small plant parasitic insects of the Order Homoptera, which also includes aphids. So-called because their wings and bodies are covered with white scales. Whiteflies like a warm climate and they are mostly tropical, subtropical, or greenhouse pests.

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