Unstable protection mechanisms

Any mechanism that protects a host from a parasite can be divided into one of two classes. Unstable protection mechanisms are those that protect a host only until a new strain of the parasite appears that is unaffected by that mechanism. This is because the mechanism is within the capacity for micro-evolutionary change of the parasite. Unstable mechanisms include vertical resistance, and most modern synthetic fungicides and insecticides. It is highly probable that genetically engineered resistances will also be unstable. See also: Stable protection mechanisms. Uredinales

The order of Basidiomycete fungi that cause rust disease . Uromyces

A genus of fungi in which various species cause rust diseases of Phaseolus vulgaris, Vicia faba, Pisum sativium, Trifolium spp., and Beta vulgaris. Ustilaginales

The order of Basidiomycete fungi that cause smut diseases.

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