The loss of water from a plant. The rate of transpiration is controlled by the stomata. See also: Guttation. Tree

Technically, any plant with woody tissues, as opposed to a herb that has no woody tissues. In practice, many of the smaller trees are called shrubs. Tree tomato

See: Cyphomandra betacea. Trifoliate

This term means 'three leaves' and refers to the leaves of plants such as Trifolium spp., (clovers), or Oxalis, that are divided into three leaflets. Trifolium spp.

The clovers are important as fodder crops, usually sown in mixtures with grasses. They also occur commonly in natural grasslands in humid temperate areas, and in tropical highlands. There are ten species of clover that are considered agriculturally important:

  1. alexandrinum Egyptian or Berseem clover (annual)
  2. ambiguum T. dubium T. fragiferum T. hybridum T. incarnatum T. pratense T. repens

Crimson clover (annual) Red clover (perennial) White clover (perennial)

Caucasian or Kura clover (perennial) Yellow suckling clover (annual) Strawberry clover (perennial)

Alsike clover (perennial)

T. resupinatum Persian clover (annual) T. subterraneum Subterranean clover (annual) The clovers are important because of their nitrogen-fixation with Rhizobium root nodules. Because the deliberate cultivation of pasture crops is fairly recent, most clover cultivar are fairly close to their wild progenitors. With only minor exceptions, the annual species are self-compatible while the perennial species are self-incompatible. Pollination is by insects and the clovers are suitable crops for plant breeding clubs. Trigonella foenum-graecum

Fenugreek is a member of the family Leguminosae and its seeds are used as a component of curry powder in India.

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